NEW – VAK Therapy

VAK-image-3VAK therapy, is a combination of several practical, advantageous and acknowledged forms of current therapy models. By taking the most successful areas and combining them, we have created a new integral and thorough package.

So what is VAK? VAK is an acronym for Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic, as stated within NLP language of modalities. Also known as the 3 perceptual channels:3 channels

So what does that mean? We all understand things in different ways, if you are a visual person, you may learn easily by watching and repeating, an auditory person will listen to what is being done, and kinaesthetic is feeling, or emotional learning. Although it isn’t just about learning, it is about understanding.


If you are asked to picture something in your mind, and told to focus on details, to help you with a problem or emotional issue but you are an auditory person, you would probably find the process difficult unless someone used the terms like and “what can you hear?” or “what is that situation telling you?”

If you are working with a group, you know that some people will have preferences in different areas, so you could try and adapt your personal language to engage everyone, or you could stimulate all 3 senses at once. That is where VAK comes in. By understanding the use of colour, sound and language we can use the latest techniques and equipment to stimulate all of the senses and work as a complete package from start to finish, offering a more sustainable method that will work with a generalised technique gaining specific results to individual issues.

VAK is coming out within Edinburgh during this summer and will be available to trial in several selected locations, so watch out for new information and FREE trial sessions near you.

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