Continued Professional Development (CPD). What benefits does it offer you?

There are several industries where CPD is mandatory, not all of them medical, but what about those careers, positions or staff members that don’t need to prove an annual amount of upkeep on their knowledge or skills set?

CPD is an excellent way for businesses to show an interest in their employees, and for employees to show that they are willing to do extra for the company or business they work for. When motivation is up, the mood is up, when the mood is up so are the levels of capacity, work place communications and general productivity all round. Taking a small amount of time to understand health issues at work, or whatever training you are looking for gives the mental state of those involved a significant boost. When you feel appreciated, you are willing to try a little harder, when you are given a pat on the back for your effort, it physically has an effect (want to know more Wellbeing at Work)

Gaining certified hours shows a mutual appreciation and creates a better working environment. That is why our Lead Practitioner Rogan Grant has become personally certified so that future seminars and workplace sessions can give those attendees an accredited certificate to add to their personal work development and as evidence for the company themselves that they invest in their staff.

So how do you benefit as a business, apart from having a more productive, happier, more appreciative and motivated staff? If that isn’t enough, it is a valid expense by businesses as stated within the HMRC Guide to CPD “Costs incurred by an employer in respect of an employee’s training are generally allowable as a trade expense, as long as the expenditure was incurred wholly and exclusively for the purposes of the trade.” So helping your staff feel better at work, to gain those other benefits and support mental health, isn’t going to cost you huge amounts, which for smaller a business is a major factor.

cpd speaker - 70044

We have several options that can help businesses to take full advantage of the courses available and to build a more successful and be more productive. Check out our Corporate page for more information, or Contact us directly.

Published by Rogan Grant

I am a Holistic Practitioner who works to assist those in finding out how to make the changes they need to make a more productive, happier life. I offer the tools to success, not the answers. A wellbeing professional that focuses on the holistic approach to health, from nutrition & to the mind body connection.

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