Our Rural ABI Treatment Project

We are looking for people who have been personally affected by Acquired Brain Injury, their Carers and Family members to complete a short form. As part of Positive Inspirations CIC commitment, we are creating a tester project to enable us to move forward with our Rural treatment project that will allow us to be able to offer over 1400 free individual sessions per annum in and around the Borders area, with added capability to create group sessions for peer support, group therapies and carer support.


Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) has a drastic effect, not only on the person who has survived, but those around them. Children, partners, parents and others close to the individual all have to learn to cope with the changes involved. Some ABI symptoms are mild and constant, others are extreme and abrupt, no person has the same symptoms as another injury, so we treat every person as an individual.

By completing this short online form RURAL THERAPY, you can help us to show the need for this incredibly beneficial treatment option.

Natural and Complimentary Health is supported by the NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) and recommends that NHS referrals are to CNHC registered practitioners. Rogan Grant is a member of the Complimentary and Natural Health Council and himself suffered an acquired brain injury, he discovered these therapies after spending years in an ever decreasing circle of medication and depression. He went from Agoraphobic and depressed, unable to read a line of text and remembering it, to a fully qualified and accredited therapist in a matter of years and STILL keeps learning new methods to offer support. He knows the struggle, the difficulties and the uncertainty of understanding what has happened and what continues to happen, which is why he started Positive Inspiration as a community interest company, to turn any profit into free natural healthcare for those that are unable to manage to seek out private practitioners.

If you have questions, or are looking to find ways to support those affected by Acquired Brain Injury, then please, feel free to get in touch and speak to us personally.

Published by Rogan Grant

I am a Holistic Practitioner who works to assist those in finding out how to make the changes they need to make a more productive, happier life. I offer the tools to success, not the answers. A wellbeing professional that focuses on the holistic approach to health, from nutrition & to the mind body connection.

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