Taking Back Control

Taking back control has been a tagline for Positive Inspiration since it started. We believe that we all have the power inside to make the differences we want and need, we just don’t always know where to start. The newest and most comprehensive course offered by Positive Inspiration is an interactive method of learning, we want people to understand what it is that we are demonstrating by participating in the discovery.

Personal Coaching Programmes are becoming more popular, a way for someone to gain direct access to a practitioner or coach who can give information on a weekly or ‘ad hoc’ basis, where as this new course includes an information pack that allows you to go forward and take this information with you, to give you the tools to be the person you want to be.

Why have we done it this way? Do we all have time to put aside on a regular basis, to fit the schedule offered to you by a coach? Not always no, do we have something to go back to when we look for answers? Not always no! We have summarised an entire programme into a one day workshop, it is eventful, informational and fun, but it also lets you take away the important techniques you need to make a difference.

Taking Back ControlCheck out the details HERE

Imagine having the one stop shop of understanding how to sleep better, eat well, relax and understand our own psychological barriers and techniques to beat them. Learn the facts not the fiction, this course doesn’t pull any punches!

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Published by Rogan Grant

I am a Holistic Practitioner who works to assist those in finding out how to make the changes they need to make a more productive, happier life. I offer the tools to success, not the answers. A wellbeing professional that focuses on the holistic approach to health, from nutrition & to the mind body connection.

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