Understanding Relaxation and Yoga Nidra

Understanding Relaxation and Yoga Nidra are the latest courses being offered within the Edinburgh and Borders area by Positive Inspiration’s very own Rogan Grant. The courses will be available from our latest venue, which is not only a wellbeing hub, but also a relaxing place to shop, have a meal and enjoy a coffee with friends.

The new venue? Dalkeith Park central wellness hub itself, The Restoration Yard, which is an amazing conversion of buildings within the idyllic grounds of Dalkeith Park that holds on to their features and presents a calming atmosphere for all.

So what can you expect from these courses? As stated by Rogan Grant himself “Anyone can attend a class and walk out feeling good, but how many can go to a few classes and walk out with the tools to change their lives? That is the whole point of the way we work, we aren’t looking for people to stay with us, we are looking to help them find the tools they need to make their own changes. It’s about them, not numbers.”

Understanding RelaxationUnderstanding Relaxation is not just a course where you attend and feel good, it’s a course where each week you learn a new technique to feel great. As you attend more and more, you will learn about the body, why it reacts, how it connects to the mind, but you will also start off by becoming relaxed, and you will learn a new way to feel that way at the end of each session. Where else can you walk away thinking how relaxed you are, and still have information. Picking up techniques in breathing exercises, meditation styles, self hypnosis, whilst also learning about CBT, EFT, Gestalt, Law of Attraction and more, yet still finding out about the nervous system, the limbic system and connections to emotions and stress levels. All of that but not in a studious manner, you aren’t expected to be tested, it is free flowing information whilst you relax. What better way to understand your own mind and body, we even discuss the facts about healthy eating, because a healthy diet, creates a healthy body, which supports a healthy mind.

Yoga NidraYoga Nidra, is an ancient practice, a form on mental yoga, where the body remains in a singular relaxed position and the mind is taken elsewhere to manage, heal and understand feelings, emotions and lifestyle stresses. It differs from meditation through the internalisation of four of the senses. Rogan Grant, the Positive Inspiration lead practitioner added “When studying the practice and reading beyond the scripts and methods, I saw the connections to many modern and scientific approaches used within forms of psychotherapy, NLP and hypnotherapy today, it shows how natural health is something that simply continues to be re-inventing previous methods.” He added “I am a strong believer in having an understanding of both the spiritual and the scientific approach to all therapies, treatments or methods. It strengthens my personal growth, and deepens my true ability to use these for the benefit of others”.

These latest courses will be starting during the first week of September, beginning with Understanding Relaxation on Mondays at 2:30pm and Yoga Nidra on Wednesdays at 12pm. Bookings can be made through email at info@positiveinspiration.co.uk or by the contact us page of the website, for further information on the venue, follow this link 

Published by Rogan Grant

I am a Holistic Practitioner who works to assist those in finding out how to make the changes they need to make a more productive, happier life. I offer the tools to success, not the answers. A wellbeing professional that focuses on the holistic approach to health, from nutrition & to the mind body connection.

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