Positive Inspiration Natural Health CIC is a non profit community interest company. We take ALL our extra income and use it to support those personally affected by Acquired Brain Injury (ABI). We support the individual, their family members, the carers and the organisations that offer support. Our treatments can offer so much more than simple relaxation! By being able to show understanding the of cause, the resulting issues and the struggles that people encounter from ABI, we can help those affected come to terms and deal with specific issue that can be personally and emotionally destructive.

Emotional struggle, memory problems, facial and verbal recognition, anger and other emotional outbursts, pain, sickness, sleep and so much more can be worked on.

Positive Inspiration works alongside Western medicines to help improve the health and lifestyle of all those concerned, we can see how the benefits speed up recovery in many of those involved. Speeding up recovery allows the person themselves to take charge, get back to what they consider to be their normal lives.

Why did Positive Inspiration head in this direction?

The lead practitioner Rogan Grant was himself the survivor of a traumatic brain injury, it is through his personal understanding and development that Positive Inspiration gives back everything it can to those who slide between the gaps in health care.

Brain injury is individual and can not be measured by normal standards, no two injuries are the same, and no two people will react the same.

"I had more results in 5 weeks of hypnotherapy
 than I did in 5 years of medication!" - Rogan Grant