Brain Injury and Offending

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) is a very common injury, almost 400,000 per annum in the UK alone. The issues in connection to ABI are not always physical, although a majority can be. ABI is deemed the ‘Hidden Disability’ due to the underlying factors connected with it. These factors have an ongoing and traumatic affect onContinue reading “Brain Injury and Offending”

Hypnotherapy ABI Awareness and Understanding 2 Day workshop

Acquired Brain Injury affects nearly 400,000 people each year in the UK! The effects are individual and quite often unknown or invisible to see. This 2-day course goes into detail about the effects of surviving an Acquired Brain Injury; it explains the difficulties that survivors can face, and some of the issues that can occur.Continue reading “Hypnotherapy ABI Awareness and Understanding 2 Day workshop”

Our Therapist Wins an Award

      Rogan Grant, our Lead Practitioner and Company Director was the successful winner of the Scottish Hypnotherapy Foundation “Voice of the Year” award. He received his award this weekend as he was unable to attend the SHF National Conference  this year due to personal commitments. “What a great honour to be voted forContinue reading “Our Therapist Wins an Award”