Neuroplasicity – What is it?

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks Our brains learn at different levels, when one person could learn something quickly, another may take longer, and at a different task the reverse can be true. The brain is always working, when we thought that at rest the brain would rest and we only used parts …

Taking Back Control

We believe that we all have the power inside to make the differences we want and need, we just don't always know where to start.

Our Rural ABI Treatment Project

We are looking for people who have been personally affected by Acquired Brain Injury, their Carers and Family members to complete a short form. As part of Positive Inspirations CIC commitment, we are creating a tester project to enable us to move forward with our Rural treatment project that will allow us to be able …

The Broken Shelf – A Communication Metaphor

THE BROKEN SHELF Communication is key, here is a simple metaphor on how 2 sides can work together.

Continued Professional Development (CPD). What benefits does it offer you?

So helping your staff feel better at work, to gain those other benefits and support mental health, isn't going to cost you huge amounts