Understanding Relaxation and Yoga Nidra

Understanding Relaxation and Yoga Nidra are the latest courses being offered within the Edinburgh and Borders area by Positive Inspiration’s very own Rogan Grant. The courses will be available from our latest venue, which is not only a wellbeing hub, but also a relaxing place to shop, have a meal and enjoy a coffee with friends.

The new venue? Dalkeith Park central wellness hub itself, The Restoration Yard, which is an amazing conversion of buildings within the idyllic grounds of Dalkeith Park that holds on to their features and presents a calming atmosphere for all.

So what can you expect from these courses? As stated by Rogan Grant himself “Anyone can attend a class and walk out feeling good, but how many can go to a few classes and walk out with the tools to change their lives? That is the whole point of the way we work, we aren’t looking for people to stay with us, we are looking to help them find the tools they need to make their own changes. It’s about them, not numbers.”

Understanding RelaxationUnderstanding Relaxation is not just a course where you attend and feel good, it’s a course where each week you learn a new technique to feel great. As you attend more and more, you will learn about the body, why it reacts, how it connects to the mind, but you will also start off by becoming relaxed, and you will learn a new way to feel that way at the end of each session. Where else can you walk away thinking how relaxed you are, and still have information. Picking up techniques in breathing exercises, meditation styles, self hypnosis, whilst also learning about CBT, EFT, Gestalt, Law of Attraction and more, yet still finding out about the nervous system, the limbic system and connections to emotions and stress levels. All of that but not in a studious manner, you aren’t expected to be tested, it is free flowing information whilst you relax. What better way to understand your own mind and body, we even discuss the facts about healthy eating, because a healthy diet, creates a healthy body, which supports a healthy mind.

Yoga NidraYoga Nidra, is an ancient practice, a form on mental yoga, where the body remains in a singular relaxed position and the mind is taken elsewhere to manage, heal and understand feelings, emotions and lifestyle stresses. It differs from meditation through the internalisation of four of the senses. Rogan Grant, the Positive Inspiration lead practitioner added “When studying the practice and reading beyond the scripts and methods, I saw the connections to many modern and scientific approaches used within forms of psychotherapy, NLP and hypnotherapy today, it shows how natural health is something that simply continues to be re-inventing previous methods.” He added “I am a strong believer in having an understanding of both the spiritual and the scientific approach to all therapies, treatments or methods. It strengthens my personal growth, and deepens my true ability to use these for the benefit of others”.

These latest courses will be starting during the first week of September, beginning with Understanding Relaxation on Mondays at 2:30pm and Yoga Nidra on Wednesdays at 12pm. Bookings can be made through email at info@positiveinspiration.co.uk or by the contact us page of the website, for further information on the venue, follow this link 

Funding for successes in others

We are always looking for ways to demonstrate the benefits of relaxation, simply because people learn in different ways and sometimes need to see results to believe them. For a while we have been using a Mindwave™️ headset with specific software to help people to grasp the power of the mind and allow them to find their own paths. Since we started using it, we have found so many new ways to help people and since then, we decided we needed to improve the technology and equipment we have to build on the successes we have already been accomplishing.

By going to a funding site, as a non-profit organisation, we are hoping to gain access to the latest available equipment to help those who have suffered from Acquired Brain Injury, as well as others that attend our groups or courses, to show the ability of the mind. In connection, we are looking into developing new treatments based on the results of hypnotherapy, NLP and other psychological therapies that are proving to be so beneficial.



With the combination of specific equipment and software available, we will aim to deal with a variety of issues, from anxiety and stress, to mobility and physical control problems. We have already worked with individuals that have discovered they can make changes, even years after an injury or incident and improve their own lives.

Personally, as a Therapist, a Director of this company and as a Chairperson for a Head injury support group based in Scotland, I am in awe at the way people can turn their lives around, and when they can see the work they are doing, and can manage to witness their own progression through physical and digital stimulus, thoughts change for the better. I luckily managed to do just that after my own injury, and I spend all my time giving the support that is needed;  not just by helping people make changes, but to show that we can turn our lives around. We can make differences and we genuinely care about how difficult it can be. Acquired brain injury isn’t known as the hidden disability for nothing, only the person dealing with the after effects can truly know what the problems are, but even then they may not be aware of changes within themselves. Gaining small successes in improving their own lives, can give a person, a survivor and even the carers positive attitudes and growing confidence.

If you would like to support in reaching our goals, you can go to JUSTGIVING and donate, even a small amount will help us towards our goal. We can all make a difference somewhere.

Neuroplasicity – What is it?


You CAN teach an old dog new tricks

Our brains learn at different levels, when one person could learn something quickly, another may take longer, and at a different task the reverse can be true.

The brain is always working, when we thought that at rest the brain would rest and we only used parts of the brain at once, science had it wrong, the brain is always functioning, even when we are resting.

When we learn something new, we change our brains, our behaviours also change our brain. Our brains change chemically, it transfers chemical signals between neurons, these are fast acting changes and are supportive of short term memory, another way is through structure, it changes the pathways within the brain and these are more long term learning and memory. For example if you have ever tried to juggle and feel that you have picked up a level of skill during that session, chemically you have learned that skill, but then go back and try it again after a while, you need to relearn and build up that skill level again because the structure did not change; where as if you practiced daily, then the skill set becomes part of the brain and you remain able to practice that skill because that area of the brain has grown and built that control function within the physical structure. The connection between these area of the brain increase functionality and are part of the way we as a person function. The ability to juggle, allows the hand eye coordination or physical control within that movement.

Just as someone who reads Braille, they have a higher functionality in the hand response and sensitivity, due to learning the skill.

In the same way as we learn physical skills, we learn behavioural, so by practicing certain behaviours, then they become part of the mindset, when they become part of the mindset, they become part of our functionality and the way we behave, and so the cycle continues. The expression of “Old dogs can’t learn new tricks” is so very wrong; we can all learn new things, all the time. This is not just about a new skill; it is about physical, emotional, psychological and even spiritual change.

The same can be said for the opposite too, what we don’t do, what we no longer maintain has an affect. We need to remember that we do forget experiences or activities that we do, not necessarily in the manner of forgetting how to ride a bike for example, but rather than we forget how we used to exercise regularly by doing so and therefore structurally and functionally our brains change.

We are the end product of our life experiences, memories and emotions, at the same time we change and develop continuously and this is the control that we have, by being able to choose what we wish to do, we can make changes within our lives, and we must continue to work and develop the areas that we appreciate and want, as well as those that we need.

The ‘Theory of Learning’ gives us 4 stages at which we learn, and is stated as:

  • Unconscious Incompetence – We don’t know what we don’t know
  • Conscious Incompetence – We become aware of what we need to learn
  • Conscious competence – We have to think about what we have learned
  • Unconscious Competence – What we have learned becomes second nature

When we begin to learn something new, we are completely unaware of what it is that we need to learn, once we start to learn and understand we begin to understand just what it is that we do need to learn, and once we do learn it, we still have to think about it as we do it, until we do it automatically. Whether it is learning to drive a vehicle for the first time or beginning to work with people, how we approach the skill and when it becomes second nature is part of this process. If you wish to use the skills that benefit you in your life, that help you succeed and become the better person, then you need to practice them, you need to consciously use them until they become second nature, and remember that when you no longer use them, then whatever it is you are using instead, is what is changing your behaviour, and that can be in a negative manner.

Taking Back Control

Taking back control has been a tagline for Positive Inspiration since it started. We believe that we all have the power inside to make the differences we want and need, we just don’t always know where to start. The newest and most comprehensive course offered by Positive Inspiration is an interactive method of learning, we want people to understand what it is that we are demonstrating by participating in the discovery.

Personal Coaching Programmes are becoming more popular, a way for someone to gain direct access to a practitioner or coach who can give information on a weekly or ‘ad hoc’ basis, where as this new course includes an information pack that allows you to go forward and take this information with you, to give you the tools to be the person you want to be.

Why have we done it this way? Do we all have time to put aside on a regular basis, to fit the schedule offered to you by a coach? Not always no, do we have something to go back to when we look for answers? Not always no! We have summarised an entire programme into a one day workshop, it is eventful, informational and fun, but it also lets you take away the important techniques you need to make a difference.

Taking Back ControlCheck out the details HERE

Imagine having the one stop shop of understanding how to sleep better, eat well, relax and understand our own psychological barriers and techniques to beat them. Learn the facts not the fiction, this course doesn’t pull any punches!

Buy You Tickets Here

Our Rural ABI Treatment Project

We are looking for people who have been personally affected by Acquired Brain Injury, their Carers and Family members to complete a short form. As part of Positive Inspirations CIC commitment, we are creating a tester project to enable us to move forward with our Rural treatment project that will allow us to be able to offer over 1400 free individual sessions per annum in and around the Borders area, with added capability to create group sessions for peer support, group therapies and carer support.


Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) has a drastic effect, not only on the person who has survived, but those around them. Children, partners, parents and others close to the individual all have to learn to cope with the changes involved. Some ABI symptoms are mild and constant, others are extreme and abrupt, no person has the same symptoms as another injury, so we treat every person as an individual.

By completing this short online form RURAL THERAPY, you can help us to show the need for this incredibly beneficial treatment option.

Natural and Complimentary Health is supported by the NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) and recommends that NHS referrals are to CNHC registered practitioners. Rogan Grant is a member of the Complimentary and Natural Health Council and himself suffered an acquired brain injury, he discovered these therapies after spending years in an ever decreasing circle of medication and depression. He went from Agoraphobic and depressed, unable to read a line of text and remembering it, to a fully qualified and accredited therapist in a matter of years and STILL keeps learning new methods to offer support. He knows the struggle, the difficulties and the uncertainty of understanding what has happened and what continues to happen, which is why he started Positive Inspiration as a community interest company, to turn any profit into free natural healthcare for those that are unable to manage to seek out private practitioners.

If you have questions, or are looking to find ways to support those affected by Acquired Brain Injury, then please, feel free to get in touch and speak to us personally.

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