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 Acquired Brain Injury affects nearly 400,000 people each year in the UK!

The effects are individual and quite often unknown or invisible to see.

This 2-day course goes into detail about the effects of surviving an Acquired Brain Injury; it explains the difficulties that survivors can face, and some of the issues that can occur.

It also breaks down standard Hypnotherapy practices and shows why some of the standard training cannot be used in circumstances, as well as highlighting issues that can cause further issues.

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) effects more than just the individual, it affects everyone around that person; whether they are a spouse, child, sibling or other family member, it can affect relationships at home, work or friendships.

Working with families can relieve many issues, when you can share your knowledge and understanding to those around, then you can ease their pain, not just physical, but mental and emotional too. This injury does affect more people than the individual who survived it, but dealing with the issue will need more than just the individual to succeed.

ABI is complicated, unique and life shattering, it is sudden, unexpected and very rarely understood. But gaining knowledge and insight can alter that, knowing how to progress with the individual, by their needs, their speed, you can make the difference.

What will you learn:

  • What is an ABI?
  • The different types of ABI
  • The areas that can be affected
  • Physical factors
  • The hidden factors
  • Understanding the need to alter standard techniques
  • Building your own protocols
  • Parasympathetic Stimulation and its necessity
  • Working with the hidden effects
  • Working with Physical Effects

This 2-day course will bring you insight into what CAN happen, and be AWARE that each injury is individual, as each treatment must be. Understanding the cautions involved in some preferred practices and the dangers of using the wrong standard training practices, as well as how to alter them.

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