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You – Taking Back Control

A compressed workshop that includes the information given during Personal Coaching Programmes, delivered within a group setting and interactive. We know giving you the information is easy enough, but taking part is a much more fun and generally a greater experience. Understanding how the body works, why our minds go the way they do, why thoughts have such an effect. All of this is provided in an easy to follow, fun manner where everyone gains the facts about how we can make ourselves the best we can be.

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When you are aware of how to live a healthier life, you still have to live it, when you understand why people succeed, you still have to do it, what holds us back?

This course is designed to offer you, and those around you, the chance to see how you can make your world the way you want to make it.

Lifestyle is a very large word, so why not break it down into healthy options, our body needs to be healthy, and our minds do too. This simple one-day activity course can show you how we can stay physically healthy and offers you a healthy forward focus, to demonstrate how we control our minds and the effects they have on our lives. Knowing how to put yourself into the right frame to achieve your own personal goals.

This is a tool for you to take onwards, to progress in life, to learn where and how to make changes, physically, mentally and emotionally, to give you the best of you. An active day of self-learning, self awareness and self-development.

Why pay large amounts monthly, when you can learn what you need to change your life in one day?

Workshop content includes:

  • Sleep Management – Environment and physical understanding
  • Relaxation – Techniques to use when it suits you, anywhere
  • Nutrition – Facts not Fiction, learn how media is fooling you
  • Biology of Anxiety and Stress and how it affects you, stay healthy for a reason
  • Stress Management – Techniques to control and manage your lifestyle
  • Psychology of thought and awareness from within – understand your own mind
  • Making changes, making progress – How you can be that person!
  • Self Hypnosis and Mindset – Gain your goals

Added bonus materials:

  • Information Book – containing further knowledge of all the subjects and more
  • CD – containing a guided meditation
  • Access to further training via an online subscription course


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