As a Holistic and Wellbeing Practitioner, I focus on the mind, body and spirit; some may prefer to think of it as the emotional, psychological and physical treatment. Within the Holistic approach these therapies may be combined when required, to give the most beneficial and successful treatments available. Working to assist physical and Mental Health is key. Coaching is also available for lifestyle and career development, as a CMI Certified, as well as Personal, Life Coach.


Unfortunately, until further notice, only video conferencing calls can be used. There are NO face to face appointments available. If you wish to arrange an online appointment, please use the contact us form.

One to One

Within the field of natural health, practitioners add to their ‘toolbox’ of therapies they can offer. Personally, I have studied a varied range, starting with Hypnotherapy, Massage, Acupressure, EFT (tapping), Nutrition, CBT and more. I am comfortable to say that I can work with both mind and body to offer you the greatest opportunities for you to reach and maintain those goals in life.

Studying areas both ancient and modern, that include Gestalt, Law of Attraction and the Sanskrit Nine Rules of being Human as well as other spiritualist ideals, these combinations work well in understanding that each person needs something different, there are no general platforms.

If you would like to work to progress yourself further in life, work or even love, then we can work together to utilise your strengths.

Learn how to focus yourself, deal with anxiety/stress, become calmer, deal with habits and negative thinking. As a personal/life coach I can pass on the knowledge and tools to make you more confident, focussed on priority, and stronger within yourself to gain the rewards life can offer.

Group Sessions

As part of our services, we can provide group sessions for small, or larger groups, in several areas of health and health promotion.

  • Yoga Nidra The completely motionless mental and psychological work out and relaxation process. Thousands of years old and revamped with modern technology to create the greatest outcomes for the mind and body, creating balance within. Course currently available throughout Edinburgh and Lothians
  • Trinity Relaxation – The Progressive Relaxation Programme. A combination of ancient and modern techniques. This unique experience works in 3 stages, teaching you to relax the body, mind and then your inner self. Created using combination based upon Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Self Hypnosis and more, it offer the individual a deep relaxation through stimulation and control of the parasympathetic nervous system and the limbic system.

Business Development

Rogan is a CMI Certified Coach and Mentor, as well as a previously GHR registered supervisor, he has worked not only within the field of Hypnotherapy but all business sectors. If you are a current Therapist, or business owner/manager, and would like details on individual, or management team coaching, then use the form on the contact me page.

Learn where you excel, where you need to develop and enjoy the processes as it continues.

NLP has been used since the 70’s as a sales tool, learning how our vocabulary can make or end the sale through the use of slight wording differences, these same rules apply everywhere. Knowing how to speak to someone, but more importantly how to listen can make the change from getting by, to being a success, throughout your business


Our Lead Practitioner Rogan Grant can offer talks on several interesting subjects. Whether it is understanding in part the benefits of natural health or dealing with today’s social and environmental stresses. His talks cover:

  • How to make yourself better, starting within
  • Acquired Brain Injury – Understanding Natural Health Benefits
  • Hypnosis and Ongoing Physical Conditions
  • Hypnotherapy
  • A healthy body starts with a healthy mind
  • Introduction to Self Hypnosis, Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Learning to Relax: Body and Mind
  • ErgoDynamics – A Healthier look at works practices
  • Understanding Modalities of Communication
  • Pain Management
  • Insomnia and Sleep Management Techniques
  • Trinity Relaxation – 3 stage process to deeper relaxation

To speak to Rogan Grant, please select SPEAKER on the contact form.