As a Holistic and Wellbeing Practitioner, I focus on the mind, body and spirit; some may prefer to think of it as the emotional, psychological and physical treatment.

Within the Holistic approach these therapies may be combined when required, to give the most beneficial and successful treatments available. Working to assist physical and Mental Health is key.


Unfortunately, until further notice, only video conferencing calls can be used. There are NO face to face appointments available. If you wish to arrange an online appointment, please use the contact us form.

One to One

Work as an individual using the most suitable techniques to offer you the greatest personal results.

As a practitioner, I have within my ‘toolbox’ a varied range, starting with Hypnotherapy, Massage, Acupressure, EFT (tapping), Nutrition, CBT and more. I am comfortable to say that I can work with both mind and body to offer you the greatest opportunities for you to reach and maintain those goals in life.

Learning to relax has had a huge impact on how I cope with what my illness has caused, I feel more positive with life and will continue to use this whenever I can.     Ms S Green

Group Sessions

As part of the services, I can provide group sessions for small, or larger groups, in several areas of health and health promotion.

With Covid being as it is, you can receive a special option of group Zoom calls to give workers, groups or even families a chance to learn relaxation techniques, enjoy guided sessions and manage stress levels

When regulations allow,  you can also book:

  • Yoga Nidra The completely motionless mental and psychological work out and relaxation process. Thousands of years old and revamped with modern technology to create the greatest outcomes for the mind and body, creating balance within. Course currently available throughout Edinburgh and Lothians
  • Trinity Relaxation – The Progressive Relaxation Programme. A combination of ancient and modern techniques. This unique experience works in 3 stages, teaching you to relax the body, mind and then your inner self. Created using combination based upon Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Self Hypnosis and more, it offer the individual a deep relaxation through stimulation and control of the parasympathetic nervous system and the limbic system.
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