Group Sessions

Positive Inspiration offer specialist group session designed to create a relaxed and calming influence for all that attend. Whether it is learning how the body is affected by stress, or learning self hypnosis to focus and gain success out of life. All of the courses provide the ideal environment to gain experience, knowledge and enjoy the relaxation they provide.



As a very underestimated skill, relaxation is key to good physical and mental health. The body needs to learn to relax both the body and the mind for balance. Using several different techniques, with the relaxation course people who attend can bring a pillow and mat (yoga or camping) to stretch out on, or they can remain seating and still enjoy this regular calming influence.

Relax, Recharge and Recover

Taking this one step further, during the 2 hour relax, recharge and recover session you will learn the affects of stress, the dangers involved in ignoring the warning signs, how to relax in different situations, i.e. at home AND at work, why it is so important to learn techniques to relax the mind, and how you can make the changes now to prevent future medical issues.

Learning Self Hypnosis

Imagine if you had the understanding to be able to prepare yourself for any event in the future, how you could train yourself to act in beneficial ways, build your confidence, your self esteem and deal with stress, anxiety that hold you back. You would be able to prepare yourself for future success and accomplish your goals. Self hypnosis gives you personal control over the most difficult of situations.