Unfortunately all courses are suspended until further notice and clearance of Government guidelines. Thank you for your understanding.

Trinity Relaxation

Our Trinity Relaxation – The progressive relaxation programme will be starting out in 2019! Watch this space for venues.

What is Trinity Relaxation?

Trinity Relaxation – The progressive relaxation programme, is coming soon. This is the latest course available that works in 3 stages, allowing you to calm and relax the body, the mind and your inner self.
Stage one – Relaxing the body. We create physical awareness and demonstrate how we can stimulate the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS), which works to relax the body in deeper ways than just your muscles.
Stage two – You learn how to calm the mind, to gain control over your thoughts and the Limbic System within your brain. Giving you a calmer self within.
Stage three – You use the relaxed state to project your inner strengths out and reach your personal goals. Know how you wish to be, see your future self and listen to your inner thoughts as you change your own direction.

Trinity Relaxation uses techniques from Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Self Hypnosis, NLP, Gestalt, Law of Attraction. The Sanskrit 9 rules, and more. A culmination of 6 years of study and process to build and create, and available soon in group class.

With future Trinity Training to follow, allowing new courses to spread through intensive and high level training of future course guides.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga NidraMillar Hall, every Wednesday 11am

Coming soon to Loanhead and Penicuik

Open door entry, you can drop in at any time and enjoy a deep relaxation and powerful awareness session. Session cost £8 per session. £30 for 5 session block bookings.

To book onto any of the courses, contact us via the contact page or email

Short Courses – Corporate Training

At Positive Inspiration we offer a range of courses that target the key challenges that today’s society is experiencing. The demands we constantly place on ourselves and our time have never been greater. Our courses at Positive Inspiration will help you to overcome the day to day struggles you face and will improve your health and quality of life. Available as full day or as 1 hour sessions over a period of weeks, we can offer the information in a way that suits you.

Sleep Management – Understanding the Circadian rhythm, homeostasis, environmental and physical factors that affect our sleep.

Stress Management – The autonomous nervous system, fight or flight, the way our bodies respond. How we can be more aware, what are the control factors, relaxation and mindset.

Relaxation – Learning about the biological reasons we need to rest and relax, our mind and our body connection, breathing techniques, ways to relax.

Introduction to Mindfulness – It is more than breathing and relaxing, the psychology of mindfulness, sensory awareness, intention-attention-attitude, techniques and practical exercises.

Meditation and Self-Hypnosis – Learning how to focus the mind, creating internal positive speaking, calming the mind, and learning techniques to self hypnotise and make personal changes in your life.

Nutrition and Weight management – Breaking the myths behind fads, creating a healthy approach to diet, understanding labels and marketing, finding a healthy approach to gaining or losing weight.

Yoga Nidra – The perfect exercise to increase calm and quiet within the mind, using physical and mental exercises to create and enhance balance and bring harmony to the mind-body-energy connections

CPD Certification available.

If you are looking to start or run one of these courses, use our CONTACT page to receive a call.

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