Working with COVID

Physical and Mental Health ARE connected

New ways of working during the Covid pandemic has created new problems for our everyday workers to try and manage. Working from home, or in isolation brings added pressures and people are bound to struggle. This is a new situation, but the techniques to help are available. The same processes and techniques within the Ergodynamic training work just as well at home, in the office and can be worked online for groups of employees.

Learn techniques to use within your workspace, how to manage STRESS, how to CALM the MIND, work your BODY as well as your mind, self massage techniques, focus, concentration and getting the best out of you and your workmates.

ErgoDynamics is the combination of all the treatments available, with specialist physical training to give a traditional and modern approach to health in the Workplace. Too many people are becoming sick due to the lack of understanding in Mental and Physical health within work.


27% of the workforce are affected by mental health issues RIGHT NOW!

Lets make the change, lets make it right.

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