Relaxation Parties

home-partyThe latest ‘night-in’ concept! We have a busy schedule these days, always keeping our time filled up and keeping levels of stress and anxiety high. Everyone feels like a good night out now and again, let off a little steam, get the stresses out. The question is, how often does that work? If it involves alcohol, how healthy is it?

Relaxation parties are a way for you to not only learn some great relaxation techniques, but with qualified practitioners working with you, you can feel the benefits of relaxation sweep through your body. You can still have that glass with friends if you want to, or just spend the night chilling, you can all relax together.

cropped-relax.jpgWe have specialist equipment to demonstrate scientific techniques of relaxation, trained practitioners to demonstrate traditional methods and being there as a guide, the evenings, afternoons or even mornings can be designed especially for you and the people you invite.

So what would you do? Well apart from feeling absolutely amazing, you will learn how to do simple massage techniques on one another, and self massage; we can show you techniques of self hypnosis, mindfulness and breathing. We will explain to you the science and biological impacts that stress has on the body, as well as the mind, and how the need to relax needs practice.

We can include emotional freedom techniques, acupressure, as well as introduce you to binaural rhythms. Unfortunately a lot of people are promoting binaural without fully understanding the concept. Over stimulation of one particular brain wave is shown to increase feelings of depression, which is why our techniques are custom made and vary at required times. We even have a mobile EEG machine to demonstrate brainwaves and create challenges for each of you.

Want to have that night in, but looking for something different? Relaxation evenings are the way to go. Where else can you spend the evening feeling good with friends or colleagues. Learning how to relax alone and with others, bring down stress levels and feel better all round. The health benefits can help you at home, work or wherever your lifestyle takes you.


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