On this page we offer you some resources and advice to assist you with the stresses you have as a student.

Positive Inspiration and those involved understand that pressures of debt, time lines, work loads and grades all add up, added with the other pressures of social connection, personal growth, independence and more, it can become hectic and overpowering.


Here we have added some downloads for you to make use of. A simple breathing technique to help stimulate physical and mental calmness. We have included the written instructions and will be adding an .mp3 download for everyone at no cost to yourself.

Learning to relax the body and mind by simple breathing, which only takes a couple of minutes, has a drastic affect on your physiology. In just 2 weeks, doing this exercise twice a day can return your Cortisol levels back to normal.

What does that mean? When you are under high levels of stress, the fight or flight reflex kicks in, your body starts to react by increasing your heart rate, narrowing the blood vessels, pumping out adrenaline, your synapses and neurons are firing, your arms and legs are primed ready to fight or flee. What does all that mean? well your mind is swimming in thoughts but you can’t concentrate or focus on anything properly, when the cortisol kicks in you become focussed on only one thing, it might be that you don’t have time and everything else just becomes a blur. You can’t sit still, you’re ready to move but you’ve been like this for so long that your body is exhausted. Sleep becomes an issues, concentration is gone, you are physically worn out and yet you can’t rest.

These effects have a drastic affect on your body, long term periods of cortisol actual poison the body, are now linked to the increase of the Tau protein which in turn is linked to illnesses like cases of CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy), which is similar to Alzheimer’s. Conditions like long term anxiety, mental illness, heart attack, stroke are all connected to high levels of stress. Yet just a few moments each day is enough to bring the body back into balance, to help calm the body and the mind, allow it to relax, recover and recharge.

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3 Breath Technique

Using the Chimes within this audio file, focus on being aware of a sense, listen for a sound, notice a feeling within your body, look at something and see the colours, the textures, the light that reflects. With each chime, notice something new.