Sceptical to begin with

Sceptical to begin with, however after sharing in the course, I feel the positive benefits of the programme and will continue to follow the advice given.

In the Zone

Was very relaxed, therapist was friendly, polite and comforting. I have never felt so relaxed and comfortable. I was fully aware of my surroundings but was “in the zone” and relaxed. I sincerely hope my problem has been beaten but I will continue to use the techniques given.

Truly happy

Just a small thank you for helping us get our life back on track! No more anxiety, sleepless nights (sic)…

…Truly Happy for the first time, and now we have been able to plan our wedding!

So grateful for your help in moving on in life.


Many, many thanks.

Learning to relax

Learning to relax has had a huge impact on how I cope with what my illness has caused, I feel more positive with life and will continue to use this whenever I can.

Excellent Therapist

Excellent therapist who immediately puts you at your ease before commencing treatment. I personally came away with a feeling of relaxation for the reason I made my appointment. Would recommend A+++

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